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Spam subjects (3)

Another installment in the ever-popular series Spam Subjects:
  • chronical icosahedra basemen from Erika Sapp
    It brings a lovely futuristic sporting image to mind.
  • Turn it into a 150 INCH Big Screen TV! from TV Too Small
    "it?" What do they mean by "it?" Judging from the forest of body-part enlarging spams, one is afeared to guess.
  • I don't think so from Bertha Clayton
    An email which is its own reply.
  • motivated blame orchestra u praise from
    It makes me think of being in Junior High School and having the conductor go down the row of violins, one by one, to figure out which one was so horribly, horribly flat.
  • menetricious jelvyfish wixoymiixp from William Horton
    I wish I'd known William Horton decades ago when I used to play RPGs. "Menetricious jelvyfish" is exactly the kind of creature name you need to have in some circumstances.
  • weakness not allowed with our life companies from
    "Weakness not allowed" coming from a German address. I like that. Who says that nobody pays attention to history anymore?
Then there's three others where the main draw is the name of the sender.
  • Powerful Effects of Vicodin from Fellow Suckerman
  • Smokers: No tax, no s/h, $15 carton's from Tex Ritter
    "I died over two decades ago, just now my boy died, and I want to sell you cigarettes. Guess why."
  • Re: Extended Car Warranty I uow dy k from Mohamed Koch
    I so want to believe there's a guy out there named Mohamed Koch
Originally published: 2003/09/19 19:45:28