Frabjous Times

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  • Where am I from? It's a bit complicated:
    1. San Francisco, CA
    2. Evanston, IL
    3. Cambridge, MA
    4. Schenectady, NY
    5. Pittsburgh, PA
    6. Dumont, NJ
    So which one is my hometown? I don't think there's a rigorous answer to that.
  • As for the other Frequently Asked Question: the last name is Filipino. Having been born in this country, I've not had the pleasure of visiting the ancestral land.
  • Pamela Magahiz My wife Pamela and I live in Dumont, New Jersey along with our three pet cockatiels.
  • I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, Council 7647 in Cresskill, New Jersey. Here is the Council website which I richoped.
  • Work-related information is in limbo for now. I'll try to update this when the situation has been clarified.
    Here is a link you can follow to view the Python code which drives this site. It is modified from the original version by Russ Nelson and is freely available under an Open Software License. I like it because it is fairly simple, I can muck around inside the code if I want to, and it imposes more organization than my previous collection of webpages. You can have a look at my model.html and model.rss configuration files too if you want to.
    Last modified: 15 June 2004