Frabjous Times

Spam subjects

"Download Patriotic Cursors"
I wonder whether this is a worldwide spam, so that people from the Axis of Evil can download their own versions of patriotic cursors.
"Monitor your Blood Pressure 24/7 from your Wrist"
So who is it who needs to know their blood pressure at 3AM?
"Are you happy?"
I am guaranteed not to feel happy when asked by someone who clearly does not care whether I do or not.
"Rechargeable life-like electric candles !"
Candles: they flicker and give off heat, therefore they must be alive...
"Speeding toward middle age"
Better than being on the other side and speeding away from it, I guess.
"It's like a 4 feet antenna gh"
What kind of reception would one get by hooking your feet to those of your SO together, I wonder?
"Re: this could change your life yachtsmen"
yachtsmen? This was attached to your standard body-part-enlargement message, but did they mistake me for someone else, perhaps much more well-heeled, entirely?
Originally published: 15-05-2003 20:31:15