Frabjous Times

Ted Williams, 1918-2002

five-sided workplace
air launched
parabolic flights
a dun floats high the still cold stream
for the last time
back back back
over the wall
red hot lead rounds none of them signed "Ted"
not a splinter in
your blue eyes
ever so cold
never needed a comeback all these years
Paul Begala in the article Putting a legend on ice:
If such mythical technology ever takes place and we can revivify an 83-year-old Floridian like Ted Williams, what are we going to do with this army of 83-year-olds?
Do they get back Social Security? Do they get their inheritance back that they left to their kids? Do they still qualify for rent control for all the years that they were in frozen suspension? What are the pragmatics of this?
On the head [via boingboing]:
The operation was completed and Williams' head and body were preserved separately. The head is stored in a steel can filled with liquid nitrogen. It has been shaved, drilled with holes and accidentally cracked 10 times, the magazine said. Williams' body stands upright in a 9-foot tall cylindrical steel tank, also filled with liquid nitrogen.
Originally written: 7/13/2002