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Family relationships in Filipino epic folklore

Here's another one for all you fans of Filipino myths, quoted from a scholarly book entitled Explorations in Philippine Folklore.
The role of the family in the economic and cultural survival of the ethnic group is illistrated in the epics, where family solidarity triumphs over the threat of outside forces. The family is depictd as a cooperative unit headed by a powerful chief and a sagacious wife whose precocious son, almost from the moment of birth, emerges as the epic hero. The primary bonds are between parent and child, and between husband and wife. Almost as equally important is the sibling bond. Sibling rivalry, a common theme in myths and folktales throughout the world, is deemphasized in the Philippine epics. Brothers do not compete for the same woman. Instead, Banna and Labaw Donggon are aided by their siblings and cousins in their marital quests. Further, just as brothers are their sisters' protectors, female warriors like Matabagka, Bolak Sonday, and Bugan aid their brothers in battle or rescue them from certain death.
—Herminia Meñez
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