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One year's worth of scifaiku

Here's a letter I posted today to the SciFaiku-Ten-Forward group at Yahoo! Groups:
With today's new postings to the Scifaiku list, I've reached a total of 366 threads I've initiated in that group. (Contact me if you would like the list I came up with.) For the last ten months or so, these have been sent out at a rate of two every other day. Now is the time for me to be scaling back so that I can try my hand at some other pursuits.
I have been posting all my work on my personal weblog ( "Frabjous Times") for the last month and a half, in among all the other items. I am going through the earlier scifaiku which catch my eye and will be putting those up over time as well; let me know if there are any you remember which you might like to see, there or in some other venue.
My plan is to keep my subscription to this and that other group, putting new work out occasionally. I'll still be around, just less obviously so.
I owe a debt of gratitude to those whose work has set me to dream up poems of my own, to those who have written me notes about things they have liked, and to those who have been so moved as to follow my lines up with their own.
My first parting gift is a selection of items which are in my current slush pile. Anyone similarly moved by the sound of such words is welcome to use these as springboards:
Have fun with these.
My second little gift is a tanka.
fancy sense
of place and time
we shall be replayed
despite indifferent grains of dust
Rich Magahiz
Originally published: 2003/06/27 20:09:17