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Links to soothe the savage breast

A little late with my humble collection of links from last month, but here goes anyway.
  • A bilingual collection of the Japanese poetry of Masaoka Shiki, who often wrote of his physical infirmities.
  • Just in time for Hollywood's production comes this link to a (nearly obsessive) study of Vermeer's painting Girl with A Pearl Earring. [via Anil's daily links]
  • Please enjoy this collection of words and pictures on the subject of toads and frogs (January, 1894). These sorts of critters are much on my mind of late.
  • It's not all about computers, despite the title. From the editor's note:
    Java Head, (first published in 1918) his best-known work during his life, is a fresh, stylish, complex novel dealing with the intertwined relationships of two families involved in the sailing trade of Salem, Massachusetts at the midpoint of the 19th Century. Its themes seem astonishingly current, even ahead of its time; doomed love affairs, insane jealousy, illegitimate birth, racism, religious intolerance and drug addiction all figure prominently in its inexorable and tragic plot.
    Are you listening, Russell Crowe?
  • An applet to please both the right and left brain: S C R I B B L E R [via a sidelink of Caterina's]
Originally published: 2003/12/10 08:13:06