Frabjous Times

The Charge of the Ninth Brigade

From one of the unknown writers of the humor periodical Punchinello, published in New York City, September 17th, 1870:


"Col. FISK, Jr., marched his men up to the Continental Bar-room this evening and gave them a carte blanche order for drinks."—Special to morning paper.
  Half asleep, half asleep,
  Half asleep, onward
  Into the bar-room bright
    Strode the Six Hundred:
  'Forward the Ninth Brigade!
  Charge this to me," he said.
  Into the bar-room, then
  Rushed the Six Hundred.

  Topers to right of them.
  Topers to left of them,
  Old sots in front of them,
    Parleyed and wondered;
  Yet into line they fell,
  Boldly they drank, and well
  Into the jaws of each,
  Into the mouth of all,
  Drinks went, Six Hundred.

  Flashed the big diamond there,
  Flashed as its owner square
  Treated his soldiers there,
  Charging a bar-room, while
    All the "beats" wondered.
  Choked with tobacco smoke,
  Straight for the door they broke,
  Pushing and rushing,
  Reeled from the Bourbon stroke,
    Shattered and sundered;
  Thus they went back—they did—
    On the Six Hundred.

  Whiskey to right of them,
  Cocktails to left of them,
  Popping corks after them,
    Volleyed and thundered,
  Yet, 'twere but truth to tell,—
  Many a hero fell.
  Tho' some did stand it well,
  Those that were left of them,
    Left of Six Hundred.

  Oh! what a bill was paid,
  Oh! what a noise they made,
    All Long Branch wondered;
  Oh! what a noise they made,
  They of the Ninth Brigade,
    Jolly Six Hundred!
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