Frabjous Times

Turned merchant

There's a new link over on the navigation bar dedicated to my effort to improve my bottom line in these changed circumstances. It is a link to my Items for Sale page over at eBay and I encourage you all to take a look at it, particularly if you might be in a buying mood. I'm going to start out small, but I hope eventually to put up auctions and fixed price sales of some of my sister Cheryl's paper arts also, as kind of a joint venture of ours.
To the extent that I have a plan, I am pretty sure that I am not aiming to make a sole living through eBay. This is partly a matter of running down some stocks I've been intending to sell for a long time now, partly a bit of practice in sales in marketing (I anticipate that I am going to need that skill in my true future career), and partly something which shows that I'm still kicking and trying to apply my abilities out there. I've been an eBay member for years and years, as you can see from my feedback page, though mostly dormant much of the time. Now's the time to turn up the pressure and see where I can take this.
Originally published: 2003/12/08 09:34:01