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June 2004 collected links

Here are the pickings from June 2004:
  • I don't know whether the overarching premise under this kuro5hin piece on Japanese is actually valid, but it is an interesting way to think about a human language.
  • I've picked Ulysses back off of its spot on the shelf, and in the process of finding my place again found these guides at the BBC and useful.
  • Anagramming the alphabet (in the section about 26 letter English pangrams).
  • I'm sure there's a scifaiku somewhere to be had from this picture of a Martian meteor
  • From metafilter:
    • This graphical representation of the hottest google news items.
    • I remember my old slide rule that got me through AP Chem but have no idea as to its whereabouts. I think that if there is a total breakdown of the power grid I could figure out how to use it once more.
  • From slashdot:
  • From Making Light:
  • From Boingboing:
    • I've alluded previously about the ickiness of his work, but now some artists with bona fides have had their way with the work of the late Thomas Kinkade.
Originally published: 2004/07/02 20:32:24