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July 2004 links

Here are the picks of July's litter of links:
  • I hate pundits who get on the air talking about lowering (or raising) taxes without naming any figures at all. Not everyone suffers from the scourge of innumeracy, so let us have some hard numbers! Here is a set of graphs showing the Federal FY 2003 tax outlays (and another set with a New Jersey slant to it) which I offer to anyone wishing to elevate the level of such debates.
  • Warren's Fast Fiction Friday appeals to my preference for brevity. These pieces are a little longer than the 55-word stories which I've written.
  • Project Gutenberg has two new public domain Filipino myth and folklore resources available, which will probably be of interest to all the people happening on my site via search: Philippine Folk Tales at Gutenberg and Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore.
  • I should get a pair of these boots to promote my LLC. Its name is "Fourth Ace" and I am the sole member.
  • Continuing in this Filipino theme, notice how the fellow in the lower right of this poster of Parokya ni Edgar has a Prince kind of look in high gear.
  • One of my favorite places in the Strip District in Pittsburgh is Primanti Brothers, locally famous for inventing the tradition of embedding french fries in their sandwiches. It is gratifying to know that the Travel Channel editors agree.
  • Graham in England ran into some unpleasantness with the Data Protection Act by taking pictures for his photoblog. It seems like something which would have happened here in the U. S. by way of the Patriot Act.
  • Is anyone interested in a domain with an website with a name based on a forlorn hope?
  • From Making Light:
  • From metafilter:
    • Click on the link text promising Castles for Sale to see what might be had in the state of Idaho.
  • From Incoming Signals:
  • From anil's links:
    • Doesn't Amazon know from its own SF titles just how perilous it would be for one to reveal one's Real Name?
  • From boingboing:
    • An unspeakably Lovecraftian PC casemod.
Originally published: 2004/08/01 07:31:18