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Jersey Girl (review)

I got it afterwards — the "Jersey Girl" of the title isn't the Liv Tyler character, as the trailer might have you believe, but the precocious Raquel Castro character, who put in a fine performance in this film. How fortunate the casting director was to find a girl who physically resembles her movie mom (Jennifer Lopez) and can also deliver her part without cloying or hamming it all up for the most part?
My wife and I basically liked the movie (and not just because we live in New Jersey), even though when we think about it afterwards it seems more like a movie which couldn't make up its mind what it wanted to be. Was it a Ben Affleck vehicle? a parenting story? a love story? a slapstick comedy? a satire on the advertising industry? While I do think there is a big difference between New York and New Jersey (as opined in the opening sequence), it isn't something which comes out very clearly in the treatment here.
It's a sweet little inconsequential date movie, basically. Once you get past the 1994 scenes showing the living J. Lo and its accompanying discomfort factor, and into the 2001 section (pre-9/11 quite clearly), it's like an overgrown TV movie that one can enjoy as a guilty pleasure
Originally published: 2004/04/04 17:27:44