Frabjous Times

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Statistics from my first month out of work:
  • Amount of unemployment insurance received: $0
  • Average number of computer job listings in the Sunday NY Times divided by the number at the beginning of the month: One-third
  • Number of computer books placed into storage: 34
  • Number of installation CD/DVD-ROMs filed away indefinitely: 15
  • Number of garages cleaned out: one-half
  • Number of items sold at eBay: 19
  • Number of those items which were not postage stamps: 0
  • Months of entries now caught up in the checkbook: 7
  • Hours spent at home waiting for repairmen to show up: 5 and counting
  • Number of phone calls, emails, and other communications from recent former co-workers: 0
  • Weeks before my new business will be ready to bring in an income: 11
Last modified: Tue Jan 6 18:31:54 EST 2004
Found another 17 books in the cellar.