Frabjous Times

Transient googlewhacks

I found a couple of files on my PDA of some googlewhacks I collected as late as September 2002 and found that these were no longer in Google's database: If I'm lucky, this post will have gotten spidered by the Googlebot so that it will turn these back into googlewhacks.
Conversely, here's a list of ex-googlewhacks which are no longer googlewhacks because they now result in multiple hits in the database:
Additionally, there's the category of items which jumped from not being in the database at all to now having multiple entries. Presumably at some point in between they may have been googlewhacks, assuming they did not fall afoul of the other qualifications.
Finally, I came up with a list of new googlewhacks which weren't before (five sets). I won't list them there so as not to ruin them.
When I look at these lists, I notice the similarity to the spam messages which aim to poison the Bayesian filtering software noted here earlier.
Originally published: Thu Jan 22 21:09:38 EST 2004