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Links for December 2004

Links from December 2004:
  • Excellent collection of resources on Intellectual Property Issues
  • Because I often have to touch up furniture I do need a working understanding of color theory. Of particular interest because of the family of wood tones it encompasses is the page devoted to earth pigments.
  • An intriguing first-hand account of ritual space in Japan: "The result is a sort of ritual moebius strip whereby certain areas become Alpha or Beta depending on which direction you enter them from."
  • These "idiotic" little projects are the sorts of things that I would have liked to try when I was a kid.
  • For you fans of folklore, Project Gutenberg has put up the text of Filipino Popular Tales by Dean S. Fansler. These include the famous stories of Juan Tamad (Lazy Juan).
  • The mathematics and acoustics of just intonation. (Yucky page background, though.)
  • I wish I had this guide on how to drive a manual transmission car the first time I had to contend with a Renault on a trip to CERN some years back.
  • Well, this is an unwelcome development (as is the matching elf-Ken).
  • If you want a copy of Seth Godin's guide to small entrepreneurship, The Bootstrapper's Bible let me know.
Originally published: 2004/12/31 20:26:34