Frabjous Times

Answers to questions we might be asked

Well, we're back from our trip and so here's a list to anchor (so to speak) the main impressions I take away:
  • Bermuda, with one night in St. George and two in the capital of Hamilton
  • The champagne wedding anniversary/honeymoon reception hosted by Celebrity cruise line
  • Just one day predominately rainy while on island
  • One glass of Graves at dinner
  • A sighting of fellow cruser Regis Philbin, at the Crystal Caves
  • By day, treadmills and weight machines (a challenge when the ship is rolling), by night, dancing like maniacs
  • Having to mow the lawn now that I'm back, if the rain ever lets up
  • Internet access at $0.50/min, just enough to post email to the scifaiku list from Yahoo and to verify that my Linux server was down all week.
  • Two prints from Park West Gallery at auction
  • Couples from Brooklyn, Detroit, and Tennessee, with whom we got along perfectly well
  • Bottlenose dolphins at the Dockyards. A peacock family at the Botanical Gardens
  • Public busses, in order to avoid the problem of left-hand motorscooter driving
It was by all means a fine way to spend a week away together.
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