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Banners of the Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur — Azure, three crowns Or
Kay the Seneschal — Azure, two keys argent
Sagremor le Desirous — Sable, a canton argent, three stars counterchanged
Brunor le Noir — Argent, a lion checquy sable and gules
Hector of Marais — Argent, three bends gules, a sun azure overall
Perceval of Wales — Purpure, seme with crosslets Or
Bedivere the Master of Horse — Or, a gonfanon gules
King Uther Pendragon — Per pale, argent et vert, a dragon gules
Brandiles of Vaulxsur — Gules, three swords argent
Galegantin of Wales — Per pale Or and sable, a lion vert overall
Bors of Gannes — Ermine, three bends gules
Gawaine of Orkney — Purpure, a double-headed eagle Or
Lancelot of the Lake — Argent, three bends gules
Palomydes the Saracen — Chequy of argent and sable, two scimitars gules overall
According to Jacques d'Armagnac, duke of Nemours, 1450
Spied on a visit to the Arms and Armor collection at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can see some of the banners at this French site.
Originally published: 2003/08/27 21:57:12