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April 2004 links

My top ten links collected during the month of April:
  • I like this site devoted to shoelace knots, particularly the "Ian knot," but it turns out that I have to construct all my bows in reverse from the way depicted because of the way I tie my initial half-hitch. [via metafilter]
  • Potential hazards of nanomaterials.
  • I don't know whether the art of bribery might come in handy, but I shall keep it in mind the next time I want to eat out in the city. [via anil's daily links]
  • Official instructions on how to sweep
  • Here's something you can buy as a thoughtful gift, "now with all 10 plagues!" [via Incoming Signals]
  • I do so want the Beckett for Babies to see the light of day.
  • The travails of a robot herder.
  • With this compendium of information on traditional japanese armour, one could launch one's own Eastern-tinged version of the Society for Creative Anachronism, I would think.
  • To me, this piece of art made by sequenced windows noises is a revolutionary comment on hearing and not hearing. [via Electrolite]
  • I remember the hubbub about the Zodiac killer when I was in elementary school through high school in San Francisco, and it never occurred to me, then or since, that the case would have ended up going unsolved. [via Laurenn McCubbin]
Originally published: 2004/05/04 06:35:22