Frabjous Times

Dreaming into life

freed from their
dark warrens just these
thirty-two frames

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a dream's way of spawning yet more dreams
"Massive, agent's brains — which look like intricate flow charts — define how they see and hear, how fast they run and how slowly they day."
"Once I, Chuang Tzu, dreamed I was a butterfly and was happy as a butterfly. I was conscious that I was quite pleased with myself, but I did not know that I was Tzu. Suddenly I awoke and there was I, visibly Tzu. I do not know whether it was Tzu dreaming he was a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming that he was Tzu."
Mark 5:2-13
"A professor is a textbook's way of making another textbook."
Originally written: 2003/05/09 15:16:52