Frabjous Times

Return to the bike

After a hiatus of something like a month, spin classes have resumed back at my gym, and today was my first time up. Apparently the problem was that during a class, one of the bikes suffered catastrophic mechanical failure leading to injury to the person astride at the time, so all the bikes were immediately shipped back to the manufacturer on the grounds that eight-month old apparatus should not be crapping out like that. Now we have all new bikes with heavy black frames (unlike road bikes, heavier is better for a spin bike, pretty much) with shiny red Schwinn saddles.
It took a little getting used to the new mounts and it seems that I probably had my seat one detent too low actually. I might now get around to buying a real set of bike shoes now, rather than fuss around with the clips on these pedals. Also, even though I'd been trying to keep reasonably fit on the cardiovascular front by increasing the number of runs on the treadmills, I felt that I needed to pull back a little bit before I get into the swing again. By the end of the class, however, the limiting factor in how hard I could work out was neither my heart, my lungs, nor my legs, but the ache right where my liver is when I would take the exertion too hard. Chalk that one up to Zocor, I figure.
After the hour was up and I'd taken my shower, I had the nice feeling of floating as I walked around, replaced a few hours later of lead in every limb.
Originally published: 2003/08/16 17:35:31