Frabjous Times

True believers will hate these

  • Memorable Summary Executions is a collection of the most memorable fan fiction summary lines.
  • One of the preceeding inspired a Snape Dancing Queen filk:
    You can hex, and you want sex, something to spice up your life
    Severus, you Stud Machine, you are the Duelling Queen!
  • The Order of the Phoenix Fun-tastic Innuendo List
    Upon recieving The Order of the Phoenix, we couldn't help but notice the high frequency of the phrase "Flat on his back". Alerted by this fact, we looked a little closer and compiled a list of wonderfully out of context quotes for the amusement and edification of all.
Read and weep, or laugh, as you will.
Originally published: 02-08-2003 07:28:06