Frabjous Times

QA similes

Doing bug hunting on software which is still partially under development is
  • like retouching a painting while thhe artist is still working on it
  • something which ought to be like slightly adjusting seasoning in a dish nearly ready to serve
  • like telling Dr. Frankenstein that his monster has poor fashion sense and can barely even dance
  • like administering physical therapy ot someone who has suffered a horrible mangling accident and who has had a few ronds of experimental reconstructive surgery since
  • like being the Big Bad Wolf.
On the other hand, developing software while being subject to Quality Assurance is
  • like homesteading on the wild frontier and not knowing what will come the first winter in the wilderness
  • like the unhappy experience of Laoco÷n and his sons
Originally published: 07-06-2003 18:44:16