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10 ways to make money from Rock, Paper, Scissors

  1. Open a casino where you charge players $0.05 per round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  2. Product tie-ins and cross-merchandising of the Rock, Paper, Scissors brand line.
  3. Write a suspense novel hinging on whether the victim had chosen Rock, Paper, or Scissors.
  4. Start a cable TV channel called the Rock, Paper, Scissors network featuring celebrity Rock, Paper, Scissors competitions.
  5. Enlist the confidence of a wealthy but trusting child. Teach the child a modified version of Rock, Paper, Scissors with rules which insure that you always win.
  6. Register the adult domain and promote it with banner ads and popup ads all over the Internet.
  7. Work your way up through the ranks at the Treasury Department to a position of influence. When it comes time to change the design of the banknotes, decree that Rock, Paper, and Scissors be put on them.
  8. Commission a major artist to produce a body of work on the subjects of Rock, Paper, Scissors and have it exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.
  9. Deposit a penny into a savings account under the name “Rock Paperscissors” and let it compound for a million years.
  10. Write a strategy guide on how to make money from Rock, Paper, Scissors.
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