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Tiny skateboard ramps

Today I was waiting for the light to change at the foot of the offramp from the Garden State Parkway on my way to work and happened to look down at the corner safety reflectors affixed to the pavement. They were made of red and amber plastic as usual, but also had a little metal guard on each side partly to protect the reflector part from being battered by the car wheels, but also partly to help deflect the snowplow blades over them safely. These metal pieces looked like tiny little skateboard ramps maybe an inch high at their summits, just about the right size for a six-inch tall Tony Hawk to use if such a tiny skateboarders might be found. I could imagine this diminutive (hawk-sized?) Hawk, grinding along the edge of the ramp and then doing a grab and flip as he soared over the peak of the ramp, heedless of the massive vehicless a foot away from him.
Originally published: 19-05-2003 21:25:32