Frabjous Times

21 September 2003

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Entrance — Sing a New Song
Responsorial — Psalm 54
Alleluia — 2 Thessalonians 2:14
Offertory — Here I Am Lord
Communion — Let Us Break Bread Together
Recessional — Lift Up Your Hearts
Three parts again, no tenors in sight. This was our last performance with our director until November, as she is going off to Lugano to do research for a month, so it was an opportunity to do those pieces which require her floppy-disk-recorded performance, a technology beyond the ken of the rest of us. At last night's practice we worked out five Sunday's worth of repertory as best we could, filling the pre-pre-Advent season out.
Originally published: 2003/09/24 07:35:45