Frabjous Times

12 October 2003

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Entrance — Gather Us In
Responsorial — Psalm 90
Gospel Acclamation — Matthew 5:3
Offertory — Gentle Woman
Communion — The Cry of the Poor
Recessional — Let There Be Peace On Earth
Shuffling in the lineup: The Entrance hymn had originally been Sing a New Song and the Communion hymn had been One Bread, One Body but both were deemed "completely inappropriate" with the day's readings (the underlying theme being that of the anawim, the poor and dispossessed). I expect a recurrence of Sunday morning drama in the remaining two weeks without our director.
I think I'd been spending a tad too much time around people with throat irritations lately, causing me some discomfort and dryness of my own. The weather's been a factor, alternately wet and cold with sun peeking through and warming things up in the afternoons.
Originally published: 2003/10/14 21:24:39