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10000 Free Books

I saw at Distributed Proofreaders this heading:
WE MADE IT!! 10,000 Books Posted to Project Gutenberg!!
According to Michael Hart, the "instigator" of PG, the whole thing began on July 4, 1971, so it's taken thirty two years to reach this huge milestone. The finances of the project have been sketchy lately, making it even more admirable an accomplishment. In last August, he was hoping that the run from book #100 to #10000 could be completed in ten years (10 December 1993 to 10 December 2003) based on a Moore's Law sort of increase, and the crew of volunteers have handily beat that goal.
So where's all the hoopla at the main Project Gutenberg site? I think a little celebration should be in order.
Originally published: 2003/10/16 07:43:37