Frabjous Times

9 November 2003

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
Entrance — The Church's One Foundation
Responsorial — Psalm 46
Acclamation — 2 Chronicles 7:16
Offertory — We Remember
Communion — One Bread, One Body
Recessional — How Great Thou Art
How did they come up with a feastday that I have never heard about before? We had a couple of hymns which plumbed the lower ranges of the baritone part this time, and little of the high range, making my mates in the section relatively happy and challenging me. Yesterday evening's practice was cancelled because the director was not feeling well, so we'll probably have to "wing" the selection on Sunday morning (a double-up Mass for me, since our Council of the Knights of Columbus has its annual Memorial Mass at the 9:30 AM liturgy).
Originally published: 2003/11/12 08:32:54