Frabjous Times

2 November 2003

All Souls
Entrance — On Eagles' Wings
Responsorial — Psalm 23
Gospel Acclamation — Matthew 25:34
Offertory — Amazing Grace
Communion — Parable
Recessional — For All the Saints
We are most pleased that our director has returned from her research trip to Lugano, Switzerland (handing out a bunch of Swiss chocolates) to take charge of us again. It made a huge difference to have a director keeping time for us and taking us to task for some of the more egregious lapses we have been letting slip the last many weeks. Wasting no time, we took on some of the more challenging part singing pieces for Entrance and Communion. I had to jump up twice in the middle of the service to help with some difficulties involving the cabling of the sound system. Afterwards, I felt the most cheerful about the job we did that I've felt in quite a long time.
The roster of hymns was put together in the half hour before Mass, as we'd been doing, but this time it felt different.
Here's the list for the preceeding week, 26 October 2003
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Entrance — Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
Responsorial — Psalm 126
Gospel Acclamation — 2 Timothy 1:10
Offertory — Blest Are They
Communion — One Bread, One Body
Recessional — Joyful, Joyful
Originally published: 2003/11/04 22:46:54