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Witness to a misdemeanor

I witnessed a crime yesterday. I was driving back from my storage unit in Bergenfield and was waiting in a line of cars for the left-turn light to change. One of the drivers in front of me took pity on a couple coming in the other direction and left space to them to go through to the gas station on our right. Unfortunately, the lane by the curb was open and a black sedan was coming up at a high rate of speed just when the front car poked through our lane, and I could see the trouble coming. The right front corner of their car was struck pretty hard by the black sedan. They pulled up into the gas station, while the black car sped off and disappeared around the corner without slowing. Hit and run! The two people in the gas station lot didn't seem to be hurt, but I could see that the fender was smashed in, probably about $2000 of body and engine compartment work, and now what to do?
When my light changed, I got on the phone to Pamela and she advised me to go to the police station to provide information on the infraction. But when I got to the Bergenfield police station, the desk officer told me that there was already someone on the scene, and that there was nothing they could use from me as a witness, one who had been unable to make out the license plate of the malefactor.
Who really knows what goes through someone's mind at the moment they decide to break the law? What went through my mind after the fact was that this is yet another reason we pay the highest auto insurance rates here in New Jersey. We have our personal auto coverage with a company which discontinued writing new auto policies in this state a few years back, citing losses, although they have not been allowed to drop policyholders.
Originally published: 2005/09/17 12:33:24
Previously published: Sat Sep 17 11:33:54 2005