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I spent some time with the http access logs for the past four months and processed them using cygwin and Excel to come up with a rank order listing of search query terms. Far outstripping the rest are the searches for Filipino myths which I presume are somehow related to school social studies assignments. The majority are Google searches (using both the US and foreign sites), though there is also a contingent from MSN search and Yahoo! search (not all of these are included in the results here). The numbers include only those with hits on my frabjous directory, not the other ones hosted here.
I hope that by summarizing things here, I'll help some users with an urgent need for whatever information contained on this site. Maybe if I post something new which proves to be popular, I'll regenerate the statistics in the future.
Originally published: 2005/01/30 21:49:24
Previously published: Sun Jan 30 21:51:42 2005