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Recliner update

Time for another update. My piece about searching for a Charles Harland recliner periodically shows up in my referrer log and I've received a couple of emails from people who have the same sort of problem with obtaining parts now that the company is no more. This was one of the very first service calls I ever did in business and I'm happy to say that it all turned out happily, although it did take several months to get things together.
One of the recliners I brought back to the shop to install a new mechanism. I had sent pictures by email to both Bassett Furniture and to Leggett & Platt customer support and each was able to set me up with the parts. I dropped off the first piece at the customer's house, but didn't have the opportunity to do anything with the second one because of the customer's schedule for several months. When I went back with the second mechanism, I found that the problem was just that a machine screw had come off holding the existing mechanism, and I just needed to put in a new one and line things up. So now I have a spare motion mechanism in my storage area which may come in handy in some strange set of circumstances.
Originally published: 2005/12/01 22:48:48
Previously published: Thu Dec 1 22:52:54 2005