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Collected URLs for May 2005.

I have a full list this month.
  • Behold my new favorite tool, which I use on average twice a day: the Leatherman Blast. It hangs on my belt, has a lethally sharp cutting blade, and features tools which lock into the open position, unlike the cheap knockoff I had previously.
  • A reminder of reasons to live: “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”
  • This month, I had to turn away a repair request on an Ovation guitar which had a couple of compression dents in the catalyzed polymer finish. This type of material is good when it comes to scratches and resistance to handling, but basically impossible to repair. It was nice to have the customer's 25 year old guitar in the shop while I was checking it out, definitely more fun than the chairs and tables usually taking up space here.
  • When we were in Seattle three months ago, we visited the bricks and mortar site for Lark In The Morning music shop, where you can find such items as a bamboo walking stick/flute/compass.
  • Because of NASA delays, you still have time to take your chance to send your help wanted posting into space. Illegal aliens need not apply.
  • This is why I call the E! cable channelE bang.”
  • When people refer to “begging the question”, they usually don't mean petitio principii anymore, which I consider to be a damn shame, making the language a little more impoverished.
  • I own a copy of Team Metlay's early techno CD Bandwidth which I'd picked up around 1994 when I saw it in a bin somewhere in Pittsburgh. Seeing the Atomic City site brought back memories of how I knew of Mike Metlay from the cyberpunkish writing of his in the Usenet group back around that time, back when in was its heyday. There is another collection of stories from that newsgroup collected by Chris Meadows.
  • Although I haven't paid out my hard-earned bucks to see the newest Lucas smash, because I'm waiting for our vacation week when the hours wasted won't be so missed, I still have two Star Wars related links to pass along.
    • For all you cinematic Cliff Notes fans, here's one which gives a summary of key plot points in the saga.
    • Star Wars non-true-believers like me get ideas like “firewalls for computer systems” and “ignition cutoffs for starships” (not to mention seatbelts for Star Trek ships). Here's another one I'd thought of independently while watching the regrettable Attack of the Clones: the light sabre wrist strap. Just as long as it doesn't get in the way of the socket for the wall charger.
  • Via Information Junk:
  • Two bits of found art from Getty Images (editorial) depicting a hand:
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