Frabjous Times

space scifaiku poetry


evolution’s toys,
slouching toward Betelgeuse

wine stain flecks
on the radar
rock us through the night
“Through almost a thousand years, new stars and planets were explored, their resources tapped, worlds colonized, until Man was spread across a thousand light-years of the galaxy, and Earth became a minor planet of a minor sun. Throughout this long period of expansion, peaceful relations were maintained, but as the year 4000 AD. approached, growing rivalry and ambition among the powerful worlds led to hostilities. With their declarations of war against each other, Man’s first interstellar conflict had begun.”
Originally published: Sat Nov 12 11:00:22 EST 2005
Added radar verse.
Previously published: Sat Nov 12 11:01:28 2005
Previously published: Thu Nov 10 20:07:50 2005