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Links from June 2005

I started a new blog to post little one-line clippings from the web. It's Considered a Delicacy My Bloglines aggregation is now part of my normal Firefox homepage set, and postings which appeal to me among my feeds are easy to post through their interface.
These are the links which either deserve a little more comment or which just fell through the cracks.
  • Here's my new work blog to start to make good on my stated intention to use a blog for marketing. Strictly speaking, it's not really a commercial site which would be prohibited under the Terms of Service, since I won't be promoting my business directly. Instead, I just want to have a way to write down most of what I fill my days doing, and maybe throw in a few useful tips for people who want to do repairs on their own.
  • I like scavenging Getty Images editorial pictures for poetic inspiration. This man sitting with a skeleton didn't quite make it into a scifaiku.
  • Here's an explanation why in English verse, the 42 is 12.
  • In the same spirit of How To Watch Attack Of The Clones I predict that we'll soon learn precisely how to skip over the whole first act of the Return of the Sith without loss of story. Seriously, did the Chancellor arrange to have himself kidnapped, or what?
  • I read this graphic novel account of what it's like to have detached retinas, and made that eye appointment that I'd been putting off. It's not as if I think I'm in line for the same kind of thing happening, mainly that I've been noticing a fall-off in my near vision with age these last couple of years (especially now with the amount of close-in work I need to do).
  • Via Quick Online Tips
    • I made a stab at using CSS styles on the RSS feed for this blog. I hope that looks better than the raw XML from before.
  • Via Incoming Signals
    • When I was a kid, I went to the park near my house and clipped some dry grass to inoculate a hay infusion. When I put some of the smelly liquid onto a slide and looked at it with my microscope, I saw something looking like text in this font. I think it might be useful for writing about pestilence, particularly.
  • Via metafilter
    • It's tragic to see documented here what urban renewal did to those old neighborhoods of Boston years ago, leaving only the North End pretty much as in ages past. And I don't hold out much hope that when they take out the Central Artery much of the history can be injected back into the urban fabric.
  • Via Information Junk
    • How many years has it been since the Soviet regime fell, and still we do not know the true fate of the purported Lost Cosmonauts? I would dearly like to see a tour through the Room of Martyrs mentioned, if it still exists.
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