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Links for July 2005

Here are last month's links which did not make it into my clip blog or my account
  • Dismayed at the various ills of my old Treo 270 I decided to upgrade to the Treo 650 David Pogue reviewed for his Circuits column (New York Times, registration or payment required for archives), saying:
    It turns out that Treo 650 succeeds because of something that doesn't, and can't, show up on any feature list: spit and polish. The thought and cleverness that have gone into this device's design put most other smart phones to shame.
    I ordered it from CDW at something of a discount from the palmOne price, although I did have to wait a bit over two weeks to receive it on backorder.

    It's too early for much of a review from me now, but it is nice to have something with a live battery so that I can count on a talk time of more than three minutes. The phone and MP3 player (SD card only) work fine, but I carry other devices daily which perform these functions better, so they aren't mission-critical to me. On the downside is the number of incompatible PalmOS 3 applications which didn't transfer over intact:
    • The built-in Blazer browser doesn't seem to connect to TMobile Internet the way it used to. I checked on the old Treo and verified that my account is still working, so I suppose it is something about GPRS or EDGE being absent from my coverage here (I have never seen the corresponding icon show up on my screen). Other than that, a SIM card transplant and resync brought all my old phone settings over without trouble.
    • Graffiti has been nixed as a built-in, but can be restored using the third-party Graffiti Anywhere app. Oddly, the Graffiti Aid application sort of works intact (maybe 50% accuracy, though).
    • Plucker, upgrade required, which seems to work for me now.
    • Handy Shopper, which I used to use to keep my library book search list. Upgrade required.
    • TealDoc. Upgrade required. The built in Documents utility seems to read only three of my old doc files.
    I haven't bought a Bluetooth headset yet (maybe if this month's business goes well), a 2.5 mm stereo headset to listen to the MP3 files, or another SD card that I don't have to share with my HP camera.
  • This performance piece looks like a scifaiku moment. Spencer Finch — Blue (one second brainwave transmitted to the star Rigel) (click on link #11)
  • Although I'm far from being a rabid Beatles fan, I did appreciate the insights in this piece on “I Feel Fine”. Grabbed me a copy of the MP3 too.
  • SFGate has this article of caution on the upcoming "Narnia" movie, echoing many of the thoughts which came to mind when I saw the trailer before one of the movies I saw recently. Incidentally, I wonder why it is that “Big Hollywood has yet to attempt to suck the enchanted joy” from The Phantom Tollbooth. What are they waiting for, anyway?
  • Shortly after the 7/7 attack in London, I got around to putting together an emergency kit for our house, hoping we won't need to use it any time soon.
  • On a similar note, here are two sites where one can order underwear featuring special safety enhancements.
  • How's this for a new logo? I don't know, it just seems too cheery for me.
  • A gallery of politically charged international flag interpretations
  • Haiga-like public service announcements in Japan:
    Inhaled. Burned. Thrown away.
    If it were anything but a cigarette,
    it would surely be crying.
  • My, my. Assuming there's a 2005-2006 season, NHL hockey will look a bit more like Olympic hockey. Adieu to the neutral zone trap, eh?
  • According to revisionist geographic thinking, I'm now over a thousand miles closer to a Continental Divide.
  • I'm pleased that Le Cadavre/Exquise/Boira/Le Vin/Nouveau has been roused from a three-year long sleep, and looking forward to new Dadaesque visual stimulation from them.
  • Via Accordion Guy...
  • Via Making Light
Whew, there was more there than I expected.
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