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CBS cancelled Joan of Arcadia for the Fall, in my view owing to a plummet in the quality of the show in its second season. I continued to make this my only non-reality show regular viewing choices, but missed seeing a couple episodes here and there along the way (the Haylie Duff episodes and the one where the Bonnie character was introduced). None of the episodes this season achieved the same quality of the best of last season's, and the show strayed away from the commandments that made it worthwhile viewing in the first place. Variety's Joe Adalian is of a similar opinion, according to this audio piece on NPR.
Pam asked me whether there was going to be something to tie up the loose ends, especially the Satanic hints in the last two episodes. No, I told her, when a show is cancelled, even on a cliffhanger, that's the end. It reminded me of what happened at the end of the single season of Space: Above and Beyond a decade ago, when the major part of the regular cast was killed or gone missing.
Incidentally, I came across this picture when researching this post. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with Joan of Arcadia, though.
Originally published: 2005/05/20 08:23:44
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