Frabjous Times



I’m growing old; there’s hard evidence of it. When I went to have my eyes examined last month, I complained that this last year I noticed that my near vision is blurry for the first time, especially noticeable when I’m working on a small repair at work. They verified it and told me that I could either go for a set of bifocals, or, since I spend most of the day wearing contacts, just use reading glasses of +1.00 diopters as needed. I have been doing just that at work for some months now, and the other day bought a second pair of reading glasses for use at home.
The consolation is that if by some catastrophe they knock out the electric power grid and the natural gas network, on a sunny day I can use the convex lenses of my reading glasses to start fires, Survivor-style.
Originally published: 2005/08/12 22:04:19
Previously published: Fri Aug 12 21:08:58 2005