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With this summer's blockbuster release of the penultimate Harry Potter book, I'm seeing much elevated activity in my access log for searches for Harry Potter Cliff Notes. There does seem to be a lot of people out there who don't really want to read or reread a few thousand pages of the story to date, and who are willing to take some other reader's word for what went on. For my own pointers on where to find these works out there on the net (assuming the links haven't gone bad yet), please check out my Top Searches page.
For those people who don't even have time or inclination to read the current work, there is a partial synopsis of chapters to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince out there via the Wayback Machine. At the current moment, the last dozen or so chapters still await condensation, but you can read a capsule version of the first half of the book at any rate. The summaries now comprise the entire volume, so there's no reason for you to read the actual book at all, is there?
No Cliff Notes yet for the seventh book, at least not unless you have access to J. K. Rowling's own notes.
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