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Obligatory "The Gates" posting

Early Sunday morning we drove into Manhattan to see The Gates. I have admired Christo and Jeanne-Claude ever since I'd heard about Running Fence the year I left California.
After snagging a free parking site across from Hunter College we walked to the entrance on 69th St. and walked around as long as we could stand the chilly wind. As usual at this time of week, there was a hush on the city and the only signs of pique we saw were a couple of boisterous dogs sorting out the dominance hierarchy. The installation was the sort of thing best appreciated from one of the posh apartments overlooking the park from 5th Avenue such as the perch enjoyed by Pale Male and Lola a little ways further uptown.
Photograph of a dog photographer at The Gates
I took a picture of someone taking a picture of their dogs underneath a Gate.
Originally published: 2005/02/21 18:35:30
Previously published: Mon Feb 21 18:38:08 2005