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Return of SATB

This Sunday we had the first performance for our choir at church after our summer hiatus that began mid-June. We received a nice welcome back from the celebrant and congregation. We had two practices so far to blow the cobwebs out and to make sure we all have the various copies of our sheet music we'll need through the year. I think the layoff might have done our voices some good, at least when it comes to tone, not volume. We picked up a couple of new members since this time last year, which helped too. Our director has some plans to add a few new pieces to add to our repertoire, both for Ordinary Time and seasonal stuff.
I volunteered for a short solo, the Alleluia based on a portion of Acts 16:14b. The first couple of times I did this for the choir, I did have some stage fright (the same way I would sometimes get when I was teaching Freshman Physics for the first time at the beginning of a term), but once I got started, everything worked out well.
Originally published: 2005/09/18 12:58:42
Previously published: Sun Sep 18 12:02:26 2005