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Explosion in Bergenfield

An apartment building was partially demolished by a powerful gas line explosion today in Bergenfield NJ, killing at least two people, and making a dozen families temporarily homeless.
Coincidentally, this was the very building in front of which my wife would park her car when she takes the bus to NYC each weekday. She also has one friend who was living in the complex, but tried telephoning her work number only late in the day today. She did not know about this until she was at the Port Authority Terminal and overheard some people talking about the explosion. As there are still police lines around the scene where they are conducting an accident investigation, we do not yet know what kind of damage might have been done to the vehicle. So, for the short term, we're using my work van to get around until such time as this gets cleared up.
Updated: Okay, so it was exaggerated, and our car was fine. This morning they opened up the road going past the site and when I dropped Pam off at the bus stop, we found it there where it had been left, some distance from the incident itself.
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